Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Portuguese Kale Soup?

Nothing so far to report on any effects from the Iressa. I've taken two so far and nothing. Well, actually, last night while it was quiet in bed, I thought that I could hear little tiny screams from all the cancer cells that inhabit the beast as they all begin to realize that they've been discovered and they are now doomed - they're being set up for execution on several fronts. But then again, perhaps I was just hearing things.
I've come to rely on lunchtime soup at work in our cafeteria. Normally very good. I go in there today and - Portuguese Kale Soup. Good grief. Two enormous tubs of it. Weeds in warm water. So I bought and ate two puddings instead. That will teach them a lesson.
In a meeting today at work, I threatened to publish a non-flattering picture of our general manager on the web. When he indicated that it could be a career-limiting move, I said "So what do I care?". Collapse in laughter of everyone present. Black humor is the best humor.


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