Sunday, June 04, 2006

Being a blogologist

Well, week 2 of radiation treatment is over and I'm still feeling remarkably good. I'm a bit more fatigued and needing to take little naps here and there but that's perhaps cause I'm getting old anyway! No, my sleep patterns are definitely changed and I'm waking up really early most days - sleeping fine but waking early. Other than that:
I've not lost any hair - yet
I've not lost any weight - yet
I've not lost my appetite - yet
I have shaved off my beard, much to the delight of my mother-in-law who has always hated it, but much to the chagrin of my wife. "Grow it back, I can see too many chins!"
My mother-in-law, as some will remember, also has esophageal cancer. She is receiving palliative care only and is a week ahead of me in the radiation treatment schedule. She grumbles about being really tired and needing to sleep a lot, but as her life has always been really busy, working hard and looking after other people all the time, she is still probably more active than me if the truth be known. She is an incredibly strong lady and if anyone can get past this, she can.
A thought occurred to me this week, that I'm suddenly collecting "ologists". It quite fascinates most English people that Americans all seem to have several "ologists". "My cardiologist is all heart", "I just adore my gynecologist", "I broke down in front of my psychologist". Most Brits just seem to go "to the doctor". Well, now I'm an American, I'm fully in the "ologist" club. I have collected several of them that I now consider my own - a urologist, a proctologist (yuk), a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, and I need to make an appointment soon to see a cardiologist. It's becoming a bit of a game now, like baseball card collecting. There are several more to bag, including my favorite, an otorhinolaryngologist. I probably won't get one of those 'cause I can't spell it. I refuse to be an apologist regarding this change of attitude. Only an ideologist would hold dear to the old ways, and anyway all these names are quite fascinating to the budding lexicologist. Just look up enologist. I want to be one of those.


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