Friday, August 11, 2006

Is Darth Vader alive?

For those of you avid bloggers looking for updates on Roger's progress I thought I would let you know how he is doing. Yesterday was a vast improvement on Wednesday and today they are hoping to move him out of the ICU to the ward. He had a restless night as he had some breathing difficulties, but nothing of any concern to the medical staff. Last night when I visited him he was getting mist through a breathing tube to try to clear some of the junk that has accumulated in his throat and chest causing him to rattle when he breaths. He did manage to move some of this while I was there which made him more comfortable. His pain is being managed well now and he is only in discomfort when he is moved, which seems pretty often. Yesterday he sat in a chair for a good part of the day but because of issues with his blood pressure they do not have him walking about yet. He is starting to give the nurses grief so this is a good sign.

He is getting great care and attention from the staff at Beth Israel. I am always amazed by the professionalism and dedication of the medical staff who seem to work long hours in a very demanding job.

As many of you know our son Chris was flying over from the UK yesterday. Well he sat on a plane at Heathrow for five hours at which point they were all taken to a hotel as the crew had to come off shift. Chris said it felt as if he had undertaken the journey already and it was strange to get off the plane and still be at Heathrow. He is rebooked to fly today so all being well he will arive later.



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